Whats in it for me?

If the phase “self care” isn’t enough for you, let break it down into science. You have approximately 1000 nerve ending in one square inch of skin, therapeutic touch by a LMT is the most basic and efficient communicator between you and the pain you are feeling. Massage promote blood flow into otherwise unhealthy muscle tissue, blood flow promotes healing and flushes away toxins. Adhesions and trigger point, commonly referred to as “KNOTS” are within that muscle tissue. Breaking up those adhesion and releasing those trigger point can be achieved by different massage techniques preformed by a license professional.

Why should I Keep coming back?

Tight, tense, and unhealthy muscle tissue are just the first few dominoes in a slew of major chronic and acute pain pathologies. Massage therapy can not only play a part in treatment but can play an even bigger role in preventing further injury and maintaining a health lifestyle.

While nutrition, good posture, exercise, and stretching are key part in a healthy pain-free lifestyle. Today’s world makes that goal barely reachable with those steps alone. Chiropractic and Massage can push you through the threshold of barley making it and keep you on top.

Types of Massage:


Trigger Point Therapy


Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release




Lets talk price

The Basics or Insurance Add-on

15 min (pain targeting) $20

30 min $40

60 min $70

90 min $100

The Maintenance Programs (Monthly)

1 x 60 or 2 x 30 $65

2 x 60 $120

The Package Deals

3 x 60 min $195

6 x 60 min $360